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Archive of EMS Logos

The EMS logo is available in a number of formats:

Some Guidances

Logo files

A variety of EMS logo files are available: EPS/PDF (for professional use) and transparent PNG (for web or personal use) versions of your logo.


On a web-site you can you use (the small) .png file. Unless you change the height or width it will appear as 227 x 100 pixels.

You can copy and paste the (high resolution) .png file into a Word document and can then adjust its size by dragging the corner of the picture as usual.


If your LaTeX setup produces .ps files, you will need the .eps file. If instead you produce .pdf files, you will need the .pdf file.

  1. Put the file containing the logo into the same folder as the document that you will be using it in.
  2. After the documentclass declaration, at the beginning of the .tex file, write the line: \usepackage{graphicx}. Alternatively, if you are already using other packages, you can just add graphicx to the list.
  3. When you want the logo to appear, write the line: \includegraphics{EMSlogo}
  4. Modifications:
    • Probably you'll find the logo as given is too big. To make it, say, 40% of its original size, use \includegraphics[scale=0.4]{EMSlogo}
    • You can center the logo by \begin
      \includegraphics{EMSlogo} \end
    • If you'd like the logo lined up at the left hand side of the page, use \noindent \includegraphics{EMSlogo}
    • If you'd like it at the right hand side of the page, use: \hfill \includegraphics{EMSlogo}