Meetings of the Society

Ordinary meetings

Each academic year, the Society normally holds eight ordinary meetings from October to June, terminating with the Society’s AGM the following October, which immediately precedes the first ordinary meeting of the following year. The AGM is usually held in Edinburgh and the other meetings are distributed between several Scottish locations. One meeting is the Popular Lecture, which in recent years has taken place in Maths Week Scotland.

Meetings are normally held on a Friday afternoon, and are open to all. In each year’s programme, speakers are chosen to cover a wide range of topics in pure and applied mathematics. The society now has a fund to reimburse postgraduate students for travel within Scotland to attend EMS meetings; claim forms can be downloaded below.

Some talks are recorded and available online. For more details, see the events calendar. A list of past meetings is available on the St Andrews MacTutor website.

From time to time there are joint meetings with other societies, notably the London Mathematical Society.

Each year, the EMS holds a popular lecture as part of its regular meetings programme. All are welcome and admission is free.

Procedure for expense claims

The EMS will reimburse reasonable travel, subsistence and entertainment costs for officers.
It will reimburse reasonable travel and subsistence costs for speakers at EMS meetings.
It will also reimburse research students for travel within Scotland to attend EMS meetings (up to a maximum of £50 per meeting, standard class travel only).

Reasonable Travel: Standard class travel should be used whenever practicable.
Please endeavour to use public transport/taxis rather than personal vehicles.
If driving is unavoidable, expenses will be reimbursed at 40p per mile.

Please download this form and then email the completed form, along with scanned receipts, to Kirsten Mitchell ( Please submit claim forms within 20 days of event.

If you are unable to email the form, please post it, along with receipts, to:

Bayes Centre
47 Potterrow Edinburgh

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