Research Support Fund


To celebrate its centenary in 1983 the Society established a Research Support Fund (originally called ‘The Centenary Fund’) to give financial support to a variety of mathematical activities, including research visits, conferences and publications. Through this Research Support Fund, the Society supports a variety of mathematical activities of benefit to the broad mathematical community, particularly in Scotland. The main criteria used to assess applications are their academic merit and benefit to the mathematical community (either individuals, groups or the mathematical community in general). It may be used to top up support from other sources. Any application from a non-member must be counter signed by a member of the Society.

Typical activities funded by the Research Support Fund

The following give some typical activities which the society might support through the Research Support Fund. It is not intended to be a complete list; other worthwhile projects not falling into the various categories given below might be funded.


The Fund may support a visit from a mathematician or statistician based outwith Scotland. This should be for a specific purpose, for example the delivery of a course of lectures, and should usually involve visits to several institutions. Such support might be particularly appropriate in the case of young visitors and/or short visits, when other sources of funding might not be readily available. 

Conferences/Workshops/Summer Schools

The organisers are expected to charge a reasonable registration fee for the meeting, which should be open to all members of the Society. The Fund may then contribute towards the general expenses of the conference (for exclusions, see the notes in the application procedure).


Assistance may be given in the publication of a special issue of a journal, or other publications with an appropriate special purpose.


The Fund may be used to provide guarantees for projects which are intended to be self-financing, in order to provide a degree of certainty at the early planning stage.

Making an application

Please see the instructions on the application procedure page.

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