EMS PhD Thesis Prize

Starting in 2019, the society periodically awards an EMS PhD Thesis Prize for the best PhD thesis in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical physics or statistics.

The EMS PhD Thesis Prize for 2021 was awarded to Dr Leonardo Tolomeo of the Mathematisches Institut der Universität Bonn (PhD, University of Edinburgh) for his outstanding thesis ‘Stochastic dispersive PDEs with additive space-time white noise’.

The EMS PhD Thesis Prize will next be awarded in 2023.

Previous winners

  • 2019: Dr Soheyla Feyzbakhsh


Whittaker Prize

Periodically, the Society awards the Sir Edmund Whittaker Memorial Prize to an outstanding early-career mathematician having a specified connection with Scotland.

The Sir Edmund Whittaker Memorial Prize for 2021 has been awarded to Dr Ben Davison of the University of Edinburgh in recognition of his outstanding research achievements in the fields of enumerative counting invariants in algebraic geometry and non-commutative algebra.

Previous winners

  • 2019: Dr Michela Ottobre
  • 2016: Dr Arend Bayer
  • 2013: Dr Stuart White
  • 2009: Prof. Agata Smoktunowicz


EMS Impact Prize

Introduced in 2021, the EMS Impact Prize recognises the contribution of individuals, teams or partnerships whose work in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical physics or statistics has had outstanding, demonstrable impact or influence in fields beyond the mathematical sciences.

2022 winners: Prof. Chris Dent, Dr Amy Wilson (The University of Edinburgh) and Dr Stan Zachary (Heriot-Watt University)

Portrait of Chris Dent   Portrait of Amy Wilson   Portait of Stan Zachary

The prize was awarded for the recipients’ collaboration supporting National Grid with methodology for assessment of the risk of electricity supply shortfalls in Great Britain and recommending capacity to mitigate this risk; and for wider contributions to development of collaboration between the energy sector and the mathematical sciences community.

About the winners

Chris Dent is Professor of Industrial Mathematics and the University of Edinburgh, and a Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. He has worked since 2007 on energy systems analysis, with wider interests in decision support in infrastructure, public policy and climate resilience. In 2023-24 he will spend half his time on a knowledge exchange project sponsored by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences to work with the Global Power System Transformation consortium

Amy Wilson is lecturer in Industrial Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, with a background in applied statistics for problems in industry and government. She has worked on a range of applications including the work with National Grid on assessing the risk of electricity supply shortfalls, emulation of large-scale energy planning models, decision-making under uncertainty, and statistics and the law.

Stan Zachary is an Honorary Fellow of the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, having been a faculty member in the School from 1979-2015. He is a mathematician and statistician with a particular interest in the management of complex energy systems, particularly in the presence of uncertainty.

Previous winners

2021: Prof. Marian Scott OBE (University of Glasgow) and Prof. Andrew Cairns (Heriot-Watt University)

Portrait of Marian Scott

Marian Scott is Professor of environmental Statistics at the University of Glasgow. She is an applied statistician with broad research interests. Her current projects span archaeology and radiocarbon dating, measuring animal welfare and quality of life and more widely, the environment, whether that be air pollution and health, or water quality in lakes and rivers.

Andrew Cairns is Professor of actuarial mathematics at Heriot-Watt University. His work on the development of models for mortality and longevity has produced quantitative tools now adopted as the industry standard in the pensions and life insurance industry.


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